CT Travel Restrictions Are Coming to Italy, But Not to Connecticut

AARP Travel Advisors has recommended that people planning a trip to Italy or Portugal should cancel trips in those countries until a new travel ban is in place.

The group’s recommendations are based on travel alerts issued by the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. State Department and the U-N General Assembly.

AARP said that travelers traveling to Italy and Portugal should check in to their respective airlines before heading to those countries, as they may face restrictions in those regions.

The travel advisories issued by DHS and the State Department have not yet been released, but AARP pointed out that some Italian airlines have recently added extra security measures to the cabin, and the Italian government is considering measures to curb the flow of migrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe.

Italian authorities are reportedly considering making it harder for travelers to use public transport, making it more difficult for people to leave the country.

In Italy, travelers should also keep in mind that some public transit lines have limited capacity.

It is not known if these measures will be implemented.

The U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution in September that called for an international effort to curb migration.

While the resolution has yet to be implemented, it has the support of European nations, which are considering a similar resolution to stop migrants entering their countries.

In September, Italy announced that it would be cutting the number of migrants arriving in the country from the Mediterranean to around 10,000 a day.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has been working to ease travel restrictions in the region, as he said last week that the country would be “tougher” on migrants arriving from Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

Gentilino also said he would work to stop the flow from reaching the U to Europe, and that his government was considering a possible bilateral agreement with Libya to bring back migrants from those countries.

The Italian government has announced that some ports will be closed to the public.

The government said that the closures will take place from Monday through Thursday and will not affect any public transit services, including trains.

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