CUBAN TRUCKS: Travel trailers with the right tech

In its latest venture, Jayco Travel trailers have come out with the latest iteration of the technology that allows them to offer up a variety of options for their passengers.

Jayco says the latest trailer technology will be available in the near future and it’s hoped that this will also help the company attract more business from the international travel market.

The technology, known as the “Hoodie-Cube”, is a trailer system that has been around for some time.

The system uses a smartphone app to connect the front and rear doors, while the trailer itself can be connected to an iPad app to give the passenger a quick view of the route ahead.

The trailers can also be connected via Bluetooth to give them connectivity and the ability to move from the trailer to a bus or taxi.

With a price tag of Rs. 25,000 ($3,200), the trailers come with a range of options including three seats, two adults and a child, and three kids.

The Jayco travel trailer will also come with its own smartphone app, allowing the trailer owner to check the route in real-time.

The company says the trailers will be the next big thing for international travel in India.

In the next three years, the company says that it expects the number of trips taken by Indians to jump to 20 million, from just 4.5 million last year.

Jaycom said the trailers are also expected to be available on its own, with the company not taking any risk on making the technology available to other Indian companies.

“We’ve always taken safety as the top priority,” said Suresh Mehta, Chief Executive Officer of Jaycom Travel.

“Our technology is very safe and we are always looking at new and innovative ways to improve our products and services,” he added.

In a press release, Jaycom added that the new technology will give travellers an alternative option to travelling to the States.

“The new technology is a real leap forward for Jayco and our passengers,” Mehtasaid.

“It will be very useful for the business travelers, the students, and those in between.”

It said the new system will be ready in time for the upcoming summer holidays.

With an estimated average of 8 million trips in the first quarter of 2019, the Jayco Tourist, Jaycoblogger, JayCoblogry and JayCumblogry trailers are seen as a great alternative to conventional travel.