Health insurance policy cover medical marijuana patient’s surgery

Health insurance policies are starting to cover the cost of a patient’s marijuana surgery in Nevada.

A policy that covers a cannabis-related procedure like hip replacement surgery has been covered by a state-issued medical card since December.

But in December, the Nevada Medical Board changed its policy and allowed for the reimbursement of costs up to $750.

The policy covers only a certain number of patients at a time and can only be purchased by those who qualify under the state’s medical card.

The board says it’s not an insurance policy for marijuana patients, but is an insurance for all patients regardless of whether they are covered under medical insurance or not.

Medical marijuana patients were able to enroll in the policy and use it for the procedure.

However, the policy does not cover the surgery itself, according to Nevada Department of Insurance.

Medical cardholders can still use their medical card to pay for other medical expenses.