California travel restrictions: How to get around the state

If you’re planning a trip through California this summer, be sure to read our guide to the most common travel restrictions.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the common ones.1.

No public transportation: No public transit is allowed in the state.

The state is in a state of emergency, and a curfew has been put in place.2.

No outdoor dining: There are no outdoor dining or other public areas permitted in California.

You’ll also be able to’t go anywhere with your dog.3.

Pets are not allowed in any state park: Dogs are banned in all state parks except for some in Yosemite National Park.

There is no restriction on carrying pets in public in any other state park, including the parks of Washington, Oregon and Alaska.4.

No camping: There is a ban on camping in most state parks.

However, it’s still not illegal to camp at state parks (though some camping permits have been issued to permit camping on certain land in certain areas).5.

No flying: The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the use of drones for surveillance.

You’re still allowed to use them to film and share video footage of your adventures, though you can’t fly them at all.6.

No hiking or hiking backpacking: Hiking in California requires a permit.

There are hikes in and around the country, including some in the California National Forest, and some trails are also well-marked.

You can hike, but only if you follow these rules: hike only in designated areas (including trails, bridges and mountain ridges) that are well marked; hike with your dogs; and do not carry or operate a camera or electronic device.7.

No riding horses or riding motorized scooters: Riding a motorized or other scooter is not allowed at any state parks in California, except for trails and campsites.8.

No swimming: There’s no swimming in public.

You also can’t swim in a lake, or in a stream.9.

No horseback riding: The state has a ban, but some states allow horseback riders, including in designated horseback trails.10.

No dog sledding: There isn’t a state law banning dog sledging in California (though it’s illegal in some other states).11.

No drinking alcohol: If you do have a drink, you’re not allowed to take it outside of designated places.12.

No pets: Pets are prohibited in all public places.13.

No shopping: No shopping is allowed at all places except for public transportation (i.e., BART and Muni).14.

No walking on sidewalks or streets: Walking on sidewalks is prohibited in the State Park Districts in California and some other places.15.

No eating in restaurants: There aren’t any restaurants in California that serve food.16.

No fishing: No fishing is allowed except for designated fishing areas in parks.17.

No using electric vehicles: There won’t be any charging stations for electric vehicles in California until 2020, so you can still do this at home.18.

No hunting: The hunting season ends on October 31, so don’t go out at all during that time period.19.

No bicycling: The State Park System will allow bicyclists to ride bicycles only in areas with signs prohibiting bicycling.20.

No picnics: The Golden State is one of the best places in the world to picnic.

You don’t have to pack a tent or picnic, though it’s not a good idea to take out camping gear or carry it on a long bike ride.21.

No sports: The NFL, MLB and NBA have suspended their seasons until October 31.22.

No driving: There has been no rule against driving in California for years, and drivers can still be fined.23.

No beach volleyball: No beach balls are allowed in California’s public beaches.24.

No parades: California doesn’t have any parades or other sporting events, but there are some state events that are open to the public: the California State Fair, the California Invitational and the Golden State Invitational.25.

No alcohol: No alcohol is allowed for consumption in any public place, including restaurants, bars, hotels, gas stations and stores.26.

No smoking: No smoking is allowed outside of certain designated areas, including parks, trails and other places where smoking is prohibited.27.

No strollers: No stroller seats are allowed at California parks.28.

No video or audio recording: No video, audio or recording is allowed inside of California state parks or state-owned facilities (including recreation centers).29.

No photography or video cameras: You can’t take photos or video at all except at designated places or in designated places that are marked for photography or filming.30.

No use of cell phones: You’re not permitted to use your phone outside of the designated areas.31.

No skateboarding: There hasn’t been a skateboarding ban in

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