Google’s new time travel app lets you save your favourite trips for the future, but won’t give you the travel details

Loved travel?

Loved your travels?

Now you can get those memories back by sharing them with Google’s time travel application.

The app lets users “see the future” and “remember the present” via their travel destinations.

It’s the first time that Google has launched such a feature, although it already lets you search for your next destination, and share those memories with friends.

Google says the new feature is a “time machine” to “unlock the full potential of time travel”.

The feature is now available to all users, as well as to Google’s Android users, so it will be a boon to those on the go.

The app is available in the Play Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android.

Google previously launched a time travel tool called Travel Now in 2016, and in 2017 the company launched Google Now on iOS.

Google’s new Time Travel feature is similar to other Google-owned time travel apps like Maps and Photos.

Google Maps has already made time travel a feature in the future and Maps Now allows users to share experiences from their travels, but it’s not clear how the feature will be rolled out to all Google-approved time travel applications.

Google has not said whether it plans to expand the feature to other platforms like the web.

Google’s move follows the departure of former boss Sundar Pichai, who left the company in February, and the departure in 2018 of former CEO of YouTube and Google Ideas Larry Page, who took over.

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