Australia’s Cydney to offer free holiday on the Gold Coast for residents of Sydney

Cydneysiders can look forward to a free weekend in the Gold and Sunshine Coast on Wednesday, as it was announced that the Gold coast will host a four-day holiday on Tuesday.

Key points:A four-city tour by Cydys Travel has been launched by Creditors AustraliaThe travel recommendation has been released by Cdc Travel and Credentials AustraliaThe trip will be held at the Gold Hill Resort and Spa on Tuesday, with the entire trip costing $2,995AUDThe trip is being held at Gold Hill, a two-week retreat and spa that was established in 2016 in the historic district of Sydney’s North Shore.

A tour by the Creditor’s Association of Australia has been organised by Cidrs Australia, which has a focus on supporting people who have lost their jobs in the financial sector, or are working through the effects of unemployment.

Creditors said in a statement that Cyds Travel was a great opportunity to experience a unique four-state holiday that will give people the chance to experience the Golds and Sunshines, and to get to know each other.

“CydsTravel is the only four-site holiday offering a weekend on the coast of Sydney, with a full weekend of shopping, dining, entertainment, and shopping, as well as a three-day weekend of family and friends,” the statement said.

“The Gold Coast is a great spot to spend time with friends and family, and CydssTravel will provide a unique experience for those who choose to stay here.”

The tour is being hosted by CedicTS travel advice firm, which provides services including travel advice and information to clients in Australia and overseas.

“Our clients are pleased to be able to enjoy the Gold Country for four days in August, when Cydsc Travel will be in the heart of Sydney,” Cedics said in the statement.

“Travelers are always welcomed and encouraged to visit and be part of the community.”

The trip comes as Treasurer Scott Morrison is set to announce plans to raise taxes on the wealthiest Australians to help fund his tax cuts, which will hit the top 1 per cent of earners with a cut of between $25,000 and $150,000 over the next two years.

The Treasurer will also announce the government will be introducing a tax on overseas cash flows in a bid to help boost the economy.

He will announce the changes on Thursday, but it will take a few weeks for the changes to go into effect, so the trip will not be held until then.

Mr Morrison has previously stated that the government is not in favour of taxing overseas cashflows.

The announcement follows reports that Credcers Australia has received more than 3,000 inquiries from potential tourists on the four-month trip.

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