Why are travelers from aruba banned from traveling to South Africa?

Travelers from South Africa’s northern border with Angola, which is a part of the Central African Republic, will be forced to stay home from September 28, after the country’s new constitution was approved.

The South African government is planning to use the new constitution to further restrict travel to the African nation, which has been hit by devastating civil war. 

Aruba is one of South Africa the most popular destinations for tourists.

Since 1994, the country has hosted more than 2 million visitors from around the world. 

“We are concerned by the proposed changes in the constitution and are working closely with our partners in the African Union to discuss how we can work together to address this issue,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement. 

In the statement, the ministry also reiterated the government’s opposition to any kind of “anti-African” and “racist” policies. 

South Africa is the third country in the world to have a travel ban imposed on the northern border.

The United States has also introduced a travel restriction on its southern border. 

The new constitution is currently being drafted and will be voted on by parliament.

South African President Jacob Zuma is expected to veto the legislation. 

Angola has already imposed a travel prohibition on visitors from Angola, a majority-Angolan country. 

Travel restrictions have been a hot topic in South Africa over the past year, with a wave of protests, civil unrest and even attacks on tourists. 

Thousands of tourists from Angola have reportedly been denied visas and forced to travel abroad due to the travel restrictions.

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