Irish Tourism Commission says Irish tourists should be treated equally

Ireland’s tourism agency has warned that tourism in the country is at a “critical time” and that the Irish Government should be looking at ways to provide equal treatment to all visitors.

The tourism agency, the Irish Travel Agency (TTA), has warned against the introduction of a visa system for Irish citizens, who could lead to a significant increase in the number of people from abroad.

“There are some very good reasons why people from other European countries should not be treated differently to Irish citizens and I think this should be an issue that the Government is looking at,” TTA president John O’Donnell said.

“It’s a fundamental principle that Irish citizens should not have to pay a higher cost for the same level of protection, but I think there are good reasons for it, and if there are, then it’s a policy that the Taoiseach [Prime Minister Enda Kenny] has been very clear on, he’s been very vocal about.”TTA president Mr O’Neill said he would be discussing the issue with Taoiseaktans “very seriously” next week, after visiting the UK in May.

“We want to see the same treatment of Irish nationals in the UK as we have for other people, but it’s important that it’s treated the same way,” he said.

Mr O’Neil said there was no reason why the visa system could not be applied to all other visitors, and there were already “a number of different forms of visitor visa available in the US” and other countries.

He said it was “in the interests of Irish travellers” to work with US officials to create an “open and fair” system.TTA has been working to make the system fairer, more flexible and more flexible than the current system.

Mr Kenny said that a visa for all visitors should be made available, but said there had been “no formal consultation” on the issue.

“I am aware that the TTA has asked for this,” he told reporters on Friday.

“The issue is the issue of fairness.

I will be looking into it very seriously.”

The Taoiseacht also said it would discuss the issue next week.

The Government is currently discussing changes to the way Ireland pays for its travel, and how to fund its plans to build an international airport.

It is not the first time the Government has been criticised for using the visa scheme to pay for the construction of the international airport at Shannon.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the scheme would be a “bipartisan step” and it would not be “burdensome” for the Government to look at how it could be improved.

Mr Varadker said he was “very confident” the Government would be able to agree on a solution.TRAFFIC CONTROL: How many people from Ireland and other EU countries can travel in Ireland?

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