Which airports in the United States are currently closed for safety precautions

A recent article by the Huffington Post found that, while the country is getting better at implementing its own national security restrictions, a lot of the U.S. is still not following the trend.

While travelers in the U: Montana have been forced to close down airports for safety reasons, some other states are also making it harder for them to operate.

In California, the state government is threatening to shut down the Alameda County airport, after an incident involving a man who allegedly tried to get into the terminal by crawling on a concrete barrier and was shot by airport security. 

Alameda County Sheriff Richard Jones told ABC News that he would be making the airport an “immediate target” and would use force if necessary. 

The airport has been the target of a number of incidents over the years.

In 2015, a woman who had traveled to Hawaii to visit her parents was detained and later found dead.

In March 2017, a man trying to cross into San Francisco from Los Angeles was shot and killed by police after trying to board a flight to Japan.

In September 2018, two people were shot and wounded outside of the Oakland International Airport after attempting to board the plane with an expired passport. 

In 2018, the Oakland Police Department was involved in a series of arrests of people attempting to enter the airport during a massive mass transit shutdown.

The arrests were later overturned after the county’s public safety department said they did not follow department policy.

In November, the TSA was forced to suspend operations at a number to be relocated to the nearby airport of Orlando, Florida. 

“We have been in close contact with the TSA and have made the decision to make the airport available for the new airport,” the Oakland Airport said in a statement.

“The airport will remain open and operational during this transition.”

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