Travel trailer rental, Melbourne’s hottest new rental properties

With more than 70,000 apartments, villas and townhouses in the country, Melbourne is on the cusp of a boom.

But while Melbourne is the hottest rental market in the nation, some of the hottest properties have yet to be built. 

In an interview with, our travel and lifestyle editor Chris Burt reveals the 10 hottest properties in Melbourne.


The Queen Victoria Hotel – 5,000 sq ft, 831 sq mThis Victorian mansion is currently up for sale.

The property sits in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and has a stunning view of the city, as well as a swimming pool.

The hotel boasts a total of 831 square metres of living space, making it one of the largest rooms in the world.

The room is available for private events and also hosts events such as weddings and private events.

The house features a private patio, as it is also used as a venue for live entertainment.

The King’s Hotel – 7,800 sq ftThis new property is in the city centre and features an outdoor patio.

It is also one of Melbourne the country’s most popular accommodation options.

The building boasts a private terrace, which allows for private gatherings, parties and weddings.

The unit is currently listed on The Condo Blog.

The new property was built in 2011 and has had its market value boosted to $1.9 million.

The Bowery – 5500 sq ftLocated in the centre of Melbourne, The Bowersy is the city’s most famous hotel and a favourite spot for weddings and parties.

It has an incredible view of Melbourne from all around the city and has been the home of some of Victoria’s most important celebrities including Victoria’s Governor-General, Jacqueline Mountbatten, and Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The location has been described as “a haven for celebrities”.

The Queen – 7500 sq f The property features an indoor pool, and is currently available for sale at $2.5 million.


The Wollongong Hotel – 3,000sq ftThis newly-built property in Wollangong, on the eastern end of the Central Coast, features an open-plan setting and boasts spectacular views of the central city.

The apartment offers a total floor area of 3,700 sq ft with the most spacious bedroom and bathroom available.

It also features a pool.

This property is currently listing on The Property Blog.


The White Hart Hotel – 4,800sq ftLocated on the western end of Melbourne city, The White has become a popular venue for weddings, and has hosted the weddings of celebrities including the Queen, Nick Jonas, Kim Kardashian, Kim Davis, and Emma Watson.

The home boasts a pool and an outdoor pool.


The Dandenong Hotel- 5,500sq ftThe Dandensong is one of Australia’s largest hotel estates and boasts two towers that sit on two sides of a vast courtyard, which is ideal for events.

Its location offers an indoor swimming pool, with a total area of 5,600 sq ft.

The apartments have a total ceiling height of 2,100 sq ft and the units are currently listed for $2 million.


The Melbourne Square – 5400sq ftBuilt in 1878, The Melbourne’s Square is a modern hotel and is one the most sought after properties in the Central West Coast.

Located in the CBD, the property is one block from the Central Bank and features a spa, gym and private swimming pool as well.

The units are listed for around $1 million.


The Royal Melbourne Hotel- 4,000kmFrom the iconic Victorian town of St Andrews to the bustling harbour town of Port Augusta, Melbourne has plenty to offer and it has just been discovered that some of these properties are just waiting to be rented.

This Melbourne apartment is one such property, which has just recently been listed for sale on TheCondoBlog.


The Sydney Harbour Hotel – 6,000mLocated just off the western coast of Sydney, The Sydney is the world’s largest port.

The Harbour is located in the harbour and has the ability to host international events such a FIFA World Cup, the Asian Games and a Formula 1 race.

The current listing price for this property is $7.2 million and has already sold for $3.7 million.


The Bay Street Hotel – 1,800mThe Bay Street is one part of a much larger property, the Sydney Bay.

The bay is just over a kilometre from the CBD and is also a popular gathering spot for the Melbourne CBD.

The complex has been built on the site of a former tobacco plantation, and features 12 separate units.

The residential unit includes a private swimming tub, a heated indoor pool and a private kitchen with full-service kitchen.

The three bedrooms include a living room, study and bathroom, while the fourth unit boasts a terrace.

The total floor space of 1,900sq ft is located on a terr

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