Why are we so worried about the Zika virus?

Travel is at the top of the list of travel-related ailments that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans about, especially the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

And according to the latest numbers, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued its first-ever Zika travel advisory for the United States, saying that “travel is the most likely risk for the emergence of new Zika cases in the United.

The agency has identified travel as a high-priority for travel to and from the region.

Travelers in high-risk countries should consider taking steps to reduce their risk of infection and avoid mosquito-transmitted diseases while traveling.

The CDC has also issued a travel advisory that recommends limiting outdoor activities to one hour per day, including sleeping in an enclosed space.

The advisory is available at travel.gov.

Zika-related travel will be particularly challenging in the U.S., because of the region’s extensive mosquito population and proximity to major cities.

For example, in Chicago, more than 200 million people are living in areas that have experienced a Zika outbreak, according to WHO.

In Florida, the state with the second-largest number of Zika cases after the District of Columbia, that number is more than 400 million.

There are about 20,000 confirmed cases of Zika in the state of Florida, according the state Department of Health and Human Services.

The outbreak has also affected more than 1.5 million pregnant women, according Gov.

Rick Scott.

Scott has warned that Florida residents who have recently traveled to or been in Brazil are at higher risk for getting the virus.

The virus can also cause birth defects, brain damage and mental retardation, among other serious health issues.

The travel advisory issued by the CDC also recommends travelers to Brazil stay away from places with a history of transmission of the virus, such as the capital Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and the northern cities of Sao Paulo and Curitiba.

More than 50 countries have officially declared the Zika outbreak over, including several in Latin America.

The U.K. is also currently observing the first-of-its-kind travel advisory.

The British government says it is not sending any more Zika-contaminated or pregnant women to Brazil.

The United States has not yet announced a travel warning, although the CDC has warned people to take steps to limit their risk for infection.

More: Travelers can reduce their travel risk by limiting outdoor activity to one-hour per day (including sleeping in a enclosed space) and not touching a mosquito.

Travel is the first priority.

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