How to watch the NFL’s Week 1 matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs

The NFL announced Thursday that travelers with travel or medical insurance who were unable to travel to Kansas City on Friday or Saturday because of the World Cup will be able to watch their games from home.

The league announced Thursday the league office will allow all of its travel-related policies, including those that cover the Kansas Cup and the Super Bowl, to be re-enacted starting Sunday, with the exception of those policies covering a single game.

The policy changes are effective immediately.

Travelers with travel- or medical-insurance policies on Monday or Tuesday, or who have insurance coverage for the Kansas and Super Bowls on that day, will not need to re-register for the season.

Travelers who have travel- and medical-inurance policies for Monday or the Superbowl can re-activate those policies at any time on any of their games on Sunday.

The NFL has also suspended its travel restrictions for players, coaches, employees and media members.

All players, except for those with personal insurance policies, will be allowed to travel for games, which will begin on Sunday at home against the New England Patriots.

The NFL’s executive vice president of football operations, Brian McCarthy, said players and coaches who were injured in the game will be back on the field.

The Patriots are 1-0 against the Patriots in the NFL.

They defeated the Steelers 34-20 on Oct. 8 in the AFC title game and the Cardinals 28-24 in the NFC title game.