California bans travel to Mexico after ICE crackdown

California lawmakers have passed legislation that bars state residents from traveling to Mexico for six months, after President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown prompted an unprecedented federal response.

The California State Assembly passed the bill on Tuesday, and the Senate approved it Tuesday afternoon.

The bill, SB 971, is the latest response to a series of recent incidents that have sparked a nationwide debate about immigration enforcement.

In recent weeks, the Trump administration has sent thousands of border patrol agents to the Rio Grande Valley and San Diego, and detained and deported dozens of people from the U.S. in what has been described as a surge of mass deportations.

In a statement, Gov.

Jerry Brown said the law would make it harder for immigrants to access health care and jobs.

The governor said the state would also be spending $2.6 million to educate law enforcement and local officials on the law and how to enforce it.

The state will also be providing up to $2 million in funding to local law enforcement agencies to increase their training, and it will hire 1,000 additional public defenders, according to the governor’s office.

In California, nearly 300 people have been arrested since Trump took office, including five women from New York City and three from Los Angeles.

California is the largest state to ban travel to certain countries.

On Monday, Trump issued a new travel ban targeting a wide range of countries including Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

The move sparked protests across the country and the international community.

California lawmakers passed legislation last week that would also prohibit state residents who are citizens of at least five Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

The measure was quickly blocked in a court.

California is among the states with a new law that bars residents from a majority-Muslim country from bringing their family members back to the United State.

The new law also blocks the state from adopting an immigrant visa that would allow someone who is from a country that is a majority Muslim to become a U.A.E. citizen.