Japan’s travel system stroller may become a reality

The world is coming together again.

Japan is coming home to its family, but not without a few surprises in the process.

The country’s travel agency has just announced a new stroller for the Japanese family.

The company says that its new strollers will be available at select retailers and will be on sale beginning May 29.

The product is called the “travel system” stroller.

Its name is a reference to the number of strollers being produced worldwide, according to the company.

The new stowage system is meant to be used in public transportation, said Toshio Kamiya, president of Tokyo-based Travel Systems, a division of the travel agency.

It’s designed for people traveling to destinations overseas, he said.

The stroller is powered by a 1,800-watt light bulb and includes a small light screen, a wireless remote control, and an infrared camera that can take pictures and videos, according a press release.

Travel Systems said that it will begin manufacturing the strollers at a factory in Tokyo.

“Our goal is to provide the family the opportunity to enjoy Japanese culture in an environment that is friendly to children,” Kamiya said.

“By incorporating this stroller with Japanese products, we aim to help children enjoy their Japanese culture.”

Travel Systems is already making strollers for children in the United States.

Last year, the company announced that it had produced a stroller specifically for the United Kingdom.

The U.K. government approved a special-use permit to import the stroller, which was made by the British company Specialised.

In March, the government approved the first U.S. order of the new storages.

The first product, which is being manufactured in the U.Q. United Kingdom, is being produced by Travel Systems and is expected to ship in June, Travel Systems said.