What you need to know about Maine’s travel trailer rental industry

Maine travelers can expect to see a new type of travel trailer at a Maine hotel next year.

The Maine Travel Trailer Association says it will offer a wide range of trailers in three categories: camping trailers, RV trailers, and mobile homes.

The association is proposing to offer trailers in the following sizes: 8 feet by 6 feet, 14 feet by 12 feet, and 26 feet by 15 feet.

The RV trailer category will include trailers that can be easily moved, such as those that can go from home to work.

A mobile home trailer is smaller and can be more portable than a camp trailer.

The association says they will offer trailers that come with both an extension cord and a solar panel for additional solar power, so travelers can keep the lights on during the night.

Maine’s travel trailers are the fifth most popular type of trailer rental in the country, with the largest percentage of rental households owning a trailer.

They are most popular in the Portland metro area, and the Portland metropolitan area has the largest number of RV trailers in Maine.

The largest cities for Maine travel trailers in 2016 were Portland, Portland, and Augusta.

The next two cities for most rental trailers were Lewiston and Augusta, according to the association.