A look at the travel restrictions and bans on the island of Maui that are affecting some residents

Maui, the smallest of the islands in the Big Island chain, is on the verge of seeing its first ever travel ban.

The island is one of the least populated places in the world, with fewer than 5,000 people, according to the United Nations.

The U.N. has warned that Maui could face a major impact from the island’s limited tourism, including a ban on the import of certain kinds of vehicles.

On Monday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order, barring entry to all travelers from seven countries and declaring all of the other islands off-limits to entry.

Maui is the most popular destination in the United States, with visitors from more than 200 countries visiting in 2017.

It also is one the world’s busiest tourist destinations, with more than 2 million visitors visiting in 2016, according the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Mauritania, the tiny West African nation, also has a temporary travel ban on its territory, while other Caribbean nations including Trinidad and Tobago, St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados and St. Lucia have also issued travel restrictions.

The U.K., which has a smaller population of nearly 4 million people, announced its own travel ban last week.

The United States has been in the throes of a nationwide emergency after the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting on Oct. 1.

Travelers from the seven countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain, have been denied entry to the U., and are barred from entering the U for 90 days.

They have also been blocked from the U.’s financial system for up to 90 days, according a statement from the Treasury Department.

Bahrain and Qatar have also said they are temporarily suspending their own travel bans.

The Caribbean nations of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and St., Lucia, have also imposed their own restrictions on tourists, including an island ban that began on Oct 2.

St. Lucia has said the temporary restrictions will last for at least 90 days and are meant to keep the country safe for the people and for tourism.

St. Thomas and St Vincent, along with St. Martin, St Barthélemy and St Eustatius islands, were also the subject of a similar order in August.

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