JetBlue Travel Bank warns airlines to stop flying to China

Travelers in China are increasingly turning to online travel agents for tips on getting around.

The country’s booming internet market has made it a perfect destination for travel agencies that are willing to take on the challenge of making their services affordable. 

According to the World Travel Council, online travel agencies are now responsible for nearly 30% of all travelers in China. 

One of the most popular sites is JetBlue, which is trying to change that by offering its customers more value through its Travel Banking. 

The company is launching a new product called JetBuddy, which will be launched in September. 

Its goal is to make travel agents more efficient and efficient, said company president and CEO Kevin Licht. 

It will allow users to track their itineraries on a smartphone or tablet and get alerts for when their flights get cancelled or delayed. 

As it grows, the company hopes to expand its reach into other parts of the world. 

“The world is changing, and there’s a lot more to do in terms of travel,” Licht told CNN.

“The challenge we’re trying to solve is to have people use JetBuds and find the best flight, and if they can find that flight, they’ll know that the travel agent is actually delivering value for them.” 

According in the report, JetBuddys service is already available in more than 20 countries, including the US, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, Mexico and Colombia. 

While JetBud users will see the new app in their pocket, they won’t be able to actually use it. 

However, the app will still be able direct people to agents who can offer them travel tips. 

There’s a good chance that this new app will attract a lot of new users to JetBUD, but it could also become a distraction to those who already have a trusted travel agent. 

We have heard from travelers who are hesitant to take the leap. 

Some have said that they wouldn’t be willing to use a travel agent unless they could do so without risking a trip cancellation. 

If you’re one of those travelers, we would encourage you to try out JetBuda before jumping in. 

You can use the app at and download the free trial to check it out.