Florida pilot ban hits travel stops for tourists, businesses, airlines as Florida governor signs bill


— Florida Gov.

Rick Scott signed legislation Monday that will restrict travel to the U.S. by commercial airlines and some private charter flights, as he faces pressure to rein in a soaring number of fatal crashes involving the vehicles that carry his state’s most prized cargo: people.

The bill, signed by Scott, the state’s top Republican, prohibits U.K.-bound flights from U.C.L.A. airports and prohibits charter flights to Cuba.

It also requires businesses to file their travel plans with the state, with the goal of preventing the deaths of people.

It is the latest in a series of moves to tighten Florida’s no-fly zone.

The law will not affect passengers who have paid $250 or more in the last six months.

The governor has said he is prepared to make exceptions for students, senior citizens, some students in certain high-risk occupations and students with disabilities.

Scott signed the bill after meeting with several airlines, including United Airlines, Delta and Southwest.

He said that the airlines are doing an outstanding job in protecting our citizens, but there is still more to do.

The state has a lot of people who need help, he said.

The airlines say they will comply with the restrictions, although the travel ban is not expected to take effect until next year.

United spokesman Jim McBride said that airlines have notified the governor that they are going to comply with all requirements.

Scott said Monday that he believes the travel restrictions are necessary to protect Florida’s economy.

We have a lot going on in Florida, he told reporters after signing the bill.

But the governor also said he did not want to put a “fatal strain” on the economy.

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