TSA’s new air-transport trailers cost $3 million to build – ‘We’ve spent the last two years getting them to the airport’

Now Playing: US airports to be forced to use new TSA machines by 2020 Now Playing, U.S. to open border to refugees and other immigrants Now Playing Trump’s first major immigration executive order: ‘This is going to make life better’ Now Playing US president signs bill to allow federal immigration agents to demand fingerprint records Now Playing President Trump announces that the U.K. will no longer accept refugees Now Playing Who are the most dangerous U.N. members?

Now Playing A New Yorker, a Trump official and a man with ties to Trump’s political team are arrested in the Mueller probe Now Playing U.B.C. students who took on a racist school board are banned from campus Now Playing Kavanaugh, Trump to testify in Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Kavanaugh Now Playing ‘No, really’: Democrats seek answers on Trump, Kavanaugh’s ties to Russia Now Playing New York City mayor asks New York State Attorney General to investigate Trump’s ties with Russia Now Casting: How Trump and Kavanaugh’s accuser reacted to the Mueller investigation Now Playing Former Trump aides: Kavanaugh accuser ‘a liar’ who made ‘false and defamatory’ claims Now Playing The U.F.L.’s new coach is ‘a disgrace’ to his team Now Playing Woman who survived sexual assault says she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh Now Casting ‘America’s Got Talent’ star Kevin Durant to take on the role of NFL commissioner in 2020 Now Casting, ‘America: A Beautiful Place to Call Home,’ gets its first U.M.P. nomination Now Casting Kavanaugh accuser says ‘no’ to FBI investigation of Trump Now Playing What if Trump had been impeached?

Now Casting Former Trump aide and adviser to Vice President Mike Pence has been indicted for his role in Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey Now Casting President Trump to take part in inaugural parade Now Casting Trump’s controversial tweets about NFL fans on Tuesday Now Casting The first U-N member to be indicted is an attorney in the Trump administration Now Casting Actor and model Ashley Graham says Trump kissed her on the lips when she met him in his office Now Casting Judge Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary committee hearing to resume on Wednesday Now Casting Christine Blasey Ford says she wants to know if she should be fired from the Trump Administration Now Casting Actress Rachel McAdams says Trump asked her to watch a tape from the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape about her Now Casting Rep. Devin Nunes says the White House ‘is not the answer’ to the Russia probe Now Casting Donald Trump denies making sexual assault allegations against Christine Blasingly Now Casting First Lady Melania Trump says President Trump has ‘an agenda’ to ‘destroy the United States’ Now Casting House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says ‘we have a moral obligation to look at every allegation’ Now Former President Bill Clinton says Kavanaugh’s ‘character is the greatest honor he has.’

Now Former U.C.-Berkeley President John McAfee says he wants to see Kavanaugh prosecuted Now Casting Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., says she has ‘never been more proud’ of her family Now Casting Senator Bob Corker says he’s ‘been very surprised’ by Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U-S.

Supreme Court Now Casting A former Trump campaign aide says Kavanaugh has ‘a lot of respect for the American people’ Now Now Casting Brett Kavanaugh says he ‘had a tremendous impact on the United Kingdom’ Now Cast Rep. Adam Schiff says Kavanaugh ‘will not be the first senator to be impeached’ Now Actress Susan Sarandon says Kavanaugh accuser’s ‘story is not true’ Now A former U.R.S.’s senior legal adviser says he hopes Kavanaugh ‘s not going to be confirmed’

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